Octenisan Wash Mitt 10's

  • Octenisan Wash Mitt 10's

Application areas
for whole body washing independent of washing facilities
especially suitable for washing of immobile persons in need of care and bedridden patients on intensive care and infection units
cleaning and care of skinfor whole body washing in case of MRSA / ORSA

Instructions for use
If required, the packaging can be heated in the microwave (30 seconds / 600 W) or cooled in advance for refreshing washing. Open cautiously the softpack and take out an octenisan® wash mitt, as required. Clean the skin and leave the impregnation
solution on for at least 30 seconds.

Make sure the skin is completely moistened, especially in the area of the armpits, areas between the fingers and between the toes as well as other skin folds. Rinsing afterwards with water is not necessary. For regular hair washing we recommend using
octenisan® wash cap.   

If the patients do not want to do without the feeling of classical hair washing, we recommend octenisan® wash lotion.

When using the product on a long-term daily basis a regular
washing with wash lotion and water (e.g. weekly) should be