What to prepare for your Travel First Aid Kit
If you plan on traveling abroad, it is best to pack a trusty travel first aid kit. First Aid kit can save you from inconvenient visits to a doctor, especially when you are in an unfamiliar rural place. It’s evident that you will get a cut or scratch when you’re out and about, especially if you want to hike or do other physical activities, thus a travel first aid kit will come in handy when such situations arise. Begin with a durable container. The first procedure in building a travel first-aid kit is to get a compartmentalized box made of strong plastic, not those made of clo..
Objective of First Aid regulations Proper first-aid is necessary as the life of an injured employee depends heavily on it within the first few minutes of an accident. The requirement for first-aid treatment in the workplace is found in Section 58 of the Factories Act and the Factories (First-Aid) Regulations 1995. Workplace Safety and Health (First-Aid) Regulations is the new framework for occupational safety and health in Singapore and is one of the subsidiary legislations under the new Act. It replaces the old regulation with effect from 1 March 2006. Premises that require the ap..
Definition of First Aid: With the know-how of First Aid and the First Aid kit, you will be empowered with skills and confidence to help in both emergency cases and your common accidents or illnesses. First aid is the provision of assistance to a person who has been hurt or is suddenly taken ill before he/she gets professional medical help. First aid can sometimes save a person’s life, for instance, the use of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in emergency situations. It is also more often an essential help given in an everyday accident or illness. Objectives of First Aid:..
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