A Alcare First Aid Box with Contents A (MOM), Plastic


First Aid Box A is a popular choice selected by the employer for use in workplaces. First Aid Box A Kit content is recommended by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore. Recommended for use where the number of workers does not exceed 25 in the workplace. You can order either First Aid Box A complete set or just the refill kit A (without the box).


Content A Refill Set

Plastic Box Size: 13″x9″x5″ (33×22.8×12.5cm)
1 x Handy Plaster (Plastic) 20’s
1 x Handicrepe 5cm x 4.5yard
1 x Handicrepe 10cm x 4.5yard
5 x Gauze Swab 8ply 7.5cm x 7.5cm 10’s
1 x Handipore Hypoallergenic Tape 0.5″ x 10yard
4 x Triangular Bandage
1 x Shear Bandage Scissor
1 x Safety Pins Bundled
2 x Disposable Glove Single Pair
2 x Eye Sheild Plastic (Clear)
2 x Eye Pad Sterile 8cm x 6 cm
1 x Disposable CPR Kit
1 x Pentorch Diagnostic
5 x Water for Injection B.P 20ml
1 x First Aid Hint

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