Mikrozid Universal Wipes 100s

Material-friendly rapid cleaning and disinfection wipes impregnated with a low-alcoholic solution. Good material compatibility (e.g. tablets); Rapid effect (Norovirus within 30 sec); Effective referring to EN 16615 (4-Field-Test) in 1 minute and colourant and fragrance free.


Alcohol-based rapid disinfection of medical devices in all areas and all kinds of wipeable surfaces with an increasedrisk of infection, where short contact times are required and where a material friendly disinfectant is needed, e.g.: Patient nearby surfaces, treatment units, examination couches operating tables and nearby work surfaces, surfaces of medical equipment, Keybords or touch pads of sensitive communication equipment, e.g. smartphones or tablets.

Contains 100 g solution contain the following active ingredients: 17,4 g Propan-2-ol, 12,6 g Ethanol (94 % w/w).


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