Pycnogenol Tablets 20mg 90s

Pycnogenol is a bark extract of the French Maritime Pine tree and is manufactured by a special method. It is an effective antioxidant which contains standardized amount of natural proanthocyanidins. It improves and normalizes capillary activity and strengthens capillary walls. It helps restore flexibility to arterial walls. Pycnogenol binds to collagen fibers, realigning them in the process to a more youthfull undamaged structure. Elasticity and flexible strength is restored thereby to connective tissue of the skin.


Dosage: 3-4 tablets daily for the first 10 days. Thereafter, 1-4 tablets daily.

For children, 6-12 years, half the adult dosage.

Active ingredient: Each tablets contains french maritime pine bark dry extract 20mg.


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