Alcare First Aid Kit Family Plus

This hardcase kit ensures contents are easily accessible. It lightweight and sturdy design makes this kit a must for every home.

Plaster Handy Plastic x 20's
Labtech Triangular Bandage (90x90x127cm) x 2's
Disposable Glove (Latex) x 1Pair
Antiseptic Care Cream 15g x 1's
Gauze Swab 7.5cm x 8ply 10's x 1pack
Handicrepe 5cm Elastic Crepe x 1's
Handicrepe 7.5cm Elastic Crepe x 1's
Safety Pin x 12's 
Surgical Tape/Handipore 1.25cm with Dispenser x 1's
Scissor with Plastic Handle x 1's
Cohesive Bandage 2.5cm x 1's
Eye Pad Sterile 8x6cm x 1's
Blanket Foil 183x132cm x 1's
Cotton Balls Sterile Pharmelite 10's x 1pack
Optopharm Sterile Wash 15ml x 1's
Antiseptic Wipes Labtech x 5's
Adflex Transparent Dressing with Wound Pad 10x12cm x 3's
Adflex Transparent Dressing with Wound Pad 6x7cm x 5's
CPR Mouth Piece Single Use x 1's
First Aid Hints x 1's.