Gigasept FF New 2L

Gigasept® FF (new) is a high-level disinfectant based on succinic dialdehyde for combined disinfection and cleaning. Mycobactericidal, virucidal, tuberculocidal, bactericidal and sporicidal. Tested under high organic load, therefore suitable for treatment of heavy contamination. Formaldehyde-free and outstanding material compatibility. 14-days standing time

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For the manual disinfection and precleaning/disinfection of surgical instruments and sensitive medical instruments. Particularly suitable for heat sensitive and heat resistant endoscopes (flexible and rigid) and ultrasonic probes. Apart from the manual treatment of endoscopes and instruments, gigasept® FF (new) is also suitable for semi-automated and fully automated machines that operate by a cyclic process at room temperature.

Composition: 100 g gigasept® FF (new) contain: 11.9 g succinate acid dialdehyde, 3.2 g dimethoxytetrahydrofuran


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