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S&N Opsite Spray 240ml Aerosol Can

This product is designed for use on unbroken blisters, minor burns and scalds. It is a spray on dressing and water resistant.


This product produces a clear film dressing which allows the skin to breathe. It is ideal for unbroken blisters, minor burns and scalds. It is a simple and easy to apply spray protecting the wound with a film as thin and comfortable as a second skin. It can be left in place for several days; the thin layers can be peeled off when dry or left to fall away over time. An adhesive remover may be used to help removal. Take Note: A stinging sensation may be felt when first applied to broken skin. Instructions for use: Shake well, invert can and spray from a distance between 15-20cm (6-8 inches) away from skin. Spray intended area with an even layer. For best results, build up the dressing with a number of thin layers.

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