Opto-Pharm EyeWash with Eye Bath 5x15ml

Sterile, buffered, slightly hypertonic and mildly antiseptic aqueous solution. Ideal for rinsing and cleaning the eyes. Refreshes tired, irritated eyes caused by pollutants. Useful in first aid irrigation and rinsing to flush out loose foreign materials, dust and pollutants.


Sterile and buffered eyewash solution conveniently packed in a single-dose ampoule of 15ml to prevent wastage.  Comes with an eye bath to clean and refresh tired and irritated eyes. Not for injection or surgery.

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride USP (1.28%), Trisodium Citrate USP (0.10%), Zinc Sulphate USP (0.10%), Boric Acid NF (0.23%), Sodium Hydroxide NF (to adjust pH), Purified Water (q.s.).

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