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Gigasept Pearl 1.5kg

Active oxygen-based instrument disinfectant for manual cleaning and disinfection with a multi-enzyme formula. Full microbiological effectiveness via its synergistic combination of active substances plus active oxygen (concluding virucidal disinfection with 2% in 10 minutes). Outstanding cleaning performance via its multi-enzyme formula (protease, lipase and amylase) in combination with a neutral pH (non-protein-fixing) and powerful surfactants

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Universal cleaning and disinfection of thermostable and thermolabile medical instruments of all types. Particularly suitable for flexible endoscopes and sensitive materials such as silicone, polycarbonate, polysulfone and acrylic glass. Beneath the manual reprocessing gigasept® pearls are also suited to use in ultrasonic baths.

Composition: 100 g of the granules contains the following active ingredients: 43,0 g Sodium percarbonate, 22,0 g Tetraacetylethylenediamine.


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